Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How to identify real and can automatically create index index

Q: I found a lot of sysindexes index table entries are not created my own. I heard they are not true index, but the SQL Server query optimizer automatically creates statistics. How can I identify which is the real index, which is automatically created in SQL Server available?

A: By default, if the table is not a column index, SQL Server automatically creates statistics for columns. Then, the query optimizer to assess the distribution of column data in the range of statistical information to select a more efficient query processing program. Automatically created statistics tell a very simple, in SQL Server 7.0 and SQL Server 2000, the auto-created statistics prefix _WA_Sys.

You also can use the INDEXPROPERTY () function IsAutoStatistics property to distinguish between real or an index is automatically created in the statistics, so that SQL Server optimizer choose need to create statistics. You can also enable you to manage the database, "automatically create tables" option.

Many people ignore the following conclusions. Statistics created automatically mean the existence of the index may be a real benefit. Please consider the following code in the output:

USE tempdb GO IF OBJECTPROPERTY (OBJECT_ID ('dbo.orders'), 'IsUserTable') = 1 DROP TABLE dbo.orders GO SELECT 1 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 2 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 3 30 31 32 4 5 6 7 8 9 INTO tempdb .. orders FROM northwind .. orders GO SELECT 1 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 2 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 3 30 31 32 4 5 6 7 8 9 FROM tempdb .. orders WHERE orderid = 10248 GO SELECT 1 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 2 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 3 30 31 32 4 5 6 7 8 9 FROM tempdb. . sysindexes WHERE id = object_id ('orders') AND name LIKE '_wa_sys%' GO

Copy the code in the tempdb in the Northwind Orders table, select the row, and then check the SQL Server is added to a statistical. Obviously, the table does not OrderId column index, so SQL Server automatically creates a named _WA_Sys_OrderID_58D1301D statistics. OrderId out the existence of statistical tables that Northwind Orders table would benefit from additional indexes.

The following query shows the database table automatically created for each user the number of statistics, the database is automatically created at least one of the statistics.

SELECT object_name (id) TableName, count (*) NumberOfAutoStats FROM sysindexes WHERE OBJECTPROPERTY (id, N'IsUserTable ') = 1 AND INDEXPROPERTY (id, name,' IsAutoStatistics') = 1 GROUP BY object_name (id) ORDER BY count (* ) DESC

Not all of the statistics can be replaced by the real index. In some cases, SQL Server will automatically create a table more than 50 statistics. Clearly, these tables index strategy is bad. Automatically created on the table and the statistics associated with the rapid count can help you determine which table to index.

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Make a IPhunter

Some people say that programmers have become assembly workers, actually makes sense to use the control module + a small amount of code can be achieved, delphi 5.0 provides a wealth of internet control, using tcp / ip client - server can resolve the problem. The key control is serversocket, we imitate iphunter interface with a button1 (button), a combobox1 (for display), the three most basic controls placed on the blank form you can start writing code.

First, the combobox1 must be able to display more than one ip, we set a variable y to accumulate combobox1.items [y],
var y: integer;
Our idea is as follows, when serversocket activities port (port) received on tcp / ip protocol when the link request, return to the other side of the ip value, passed to the combobox is displayed. Activation by the button1 control serversocket, that is, open closed ports.

We serversocket's on clientconnect event to add about code
procedure tform1.serversocket11clientconnect (sender: tobject;
socket: tcustomwinsocket);
combobox1.items.insert (y ,'''');// add a blank record
combobox1.items [y]: = socket.remoteaddress; / / access each other's ip
label1.text: =''were caught''+ inttostr (y +1) +''a ip'';// with a label to display the total number of ip arrested
y: = y +1; / / counter variable by 1
Now, the button1 the caption property is set to''Start'', in its Click event add the following code
procedure tform1.speedbutton7click (sender: tobject);
if speedbutton7.caption =''Start''then
serversocket11.port: = 80; / / phrase can be set in the serversocket properties, capture the browser's connection
serversocket11.active: = true; / / activate the port
speedbutton7.caption: =''stop'';
serversocket11.active: = false; / / close the port
speedbutton7.caption: =''begin'';
combobox1.clear; / / end of the capture, clear the history information
y: = 0; / / Reset counter variable

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

FreeBSD Serial (14): shell set

Command interpreter shell is most closely related with the user application, the user primarily through the shell using the system. After each log, they launched a user interaction with the shell, the shell will give a prompt waiting for user input, (sh for the "$", csh as "%", if it is to use root user, the login prompt symbol will be "#"), and then interpret the implementation of the user's input.
FreeBSD's base system can be used in shell two: sh and csh. The two basic shell is not the same style, different users often come under the preferences to choose between the two. Of course, the current shell process better choice available to users, these follow-up of the shell are under sh or csh style further developed, so it can be said in the shell, there are also two styles, require the user according to their own use used to choose.
For the administrator to be, to use a different shell as the user set up the basic environment, we must understand these two styles of shell set up. System log, sh will be the first implementation of the / etc / profile file for each user to set the basic environment, csh will use the / etc / csh.cshrc, csh.login and csh.logout csh as a system resource file. Implementation of the system-level log file, each user's shell on the user's home directory to find the resources the user personal files: sh to use. Profile files, csh use. Login and. Cshrc file. These resource files are using the appropriate shell language, / etc / profile and personal directory. Profile use sh-style control language, / etc / cshrc and personal directory. Login,. Cshrc use csh-style control language. System administrators can change these resource files to provide users with the most convenient use of the environment. Of course, the system administrator does not need to edit your home directory directly under the resource files that should be managed by the user, but the system administrator account can be generated when the user create the default resource file in order to reduce the user to set the resource file trouble. adduser command default to use / usr / share / skel files in a variety of resource files to provide users with the default settings, apart from this directory into the shell's resource file, you can also add other applications of the resource file . Because these resource files are hidden files to point at the beginning, in order to express clearly, in the skel directory, using a conversion method, such as the use dot.profile as. Profile template.
# Ls / usr / share / skel
dot.cshrc dot.mail_aliases dot.rhosts
dot.login dot.mailrc dot.shrc
dot.login_conf dot.profile
In / usr / share / skel for the user to set the default configuration file, the user-generated, the user will not affect the. Therefore, modifications to the system log files more effective and direct. For sh-style user can change the / etc / profile file, and csh should be changed / etc / csh.cshrc file. Changes in these documents can use shell environment variables, so to change the shell's behavior, or perform a series of automatic operation, the completion of some users to log on automatically when the task.
Commonly used environment variables:
EDITOR editor used to set the user, many programs view this variable to start a specific editor, the situation can change according to the system
HOME User's home directory name, this variable set by the login procedure, generally do not need to change
DISPLAYX use this environment variable to identify the specific display location, the format for the "Computer name: X server serial number. Display serial number", such as: xt1: 0.0, it does not need to define in the resource file
LANG system uses the language for localization of the system, the default is "C", specific settings can view / usr / share / locale directory, where the definition of the different languages, you can set it to zh_CN.EUC to make some software to use Chinese characters.
MAIL location of the user mail file, do not need to change
PATH uses a series of colon-separated path, the system uses to find specific executable program, so this variable is very important, can change the value of the specific situation. For security reasons, not to the current directory search path as the implementation of the program, especially for root. This startup programs in the current directory, need to add the path, for example, to start the current directory a.out program, enter ". / A.out".
MANPATH using a series of colon-separated path, the system uses to find the specific command-line manual, set the same methods and PATH.
PS1sh style shell using the variable value as the prompt, the default value is "$" (root for the "#"). More modern sh prompt to enhance the flexibility, you can prompt to add the current directory, user name, machine name, order number and so on.
PS2sh shell style variables to use this as a follow-up prompt, prompt the command has not been fully entered, the default is ">"
TERM Terminal type, the need for full-screen operation procedure is very important. Sometimes adjust the settings according to the situation.
TZ time zone settings, the specific time zone information in / usr / share / zoneinfo directory, need to set the standard for the local time zone value
The user's shell can be set for specific applications, to achieve the limit users on a special purpose. For example, just to give the user an e-mail, but do not want to give him the right to use the terminal, you can change the user's shell to / bin / true or other immediate exit procedures. For security purposes, users should be a non-existent shell holes binaries, it is best not to use an interpreted language script as login shell. Because the system is approved by shell procedures / etc / shells file listed in the program, the special user's shell is set to specific applications, but these applications not included in the shells file, then the user will be some applications to differentiate between ordinary users to refuse to provide services. Ftp server programs such as ftpd, by checking the user's shell is not the standard shell, to distinguish the user is normal user or users for a particular purpose.
Note that the user can not easily change the root shell, because it may cause root can not login properly, and so is unable to perform system maintenance. Even the root of the shell to change to other newer, stronger and features a standard shell, such as bash or tcsh, it should not be. Although the shell is very mature shell, still should not use them as a root of the shell. Main reason is that these shell generally has not been installed to the root partition, then when the system into single-user state, problems can arise. Another shell may be as a result of these upgrades and other reasons, and occasionally the formation of faults, causing root can not login properly. In addition, these non-standard shell does not come from the installation disk in the system, and therefore the existence of shell sources of security and trust issues, we must ensure that these shell is not changed by the attacker's version. If you want to use them to provide a convenience feature shell can be used in the system log after the full path to execute them.
* Configure user shell
In fact sh and csh, not the best choice for general users, as the two shell in the ease of use is not good enough to do, such as command line editing is not strong, can not use the hot key repeat orders. Relatively new shell, such as bash and tcsh have these user-friendly features, but these shell procedures must be installed after the ordinary user's shell to change the settings to use the shell program. Change the user's shell can use pw, vipw or chsh.
The two were in accordance with sh and csh shell style, so you can choose style preferences csh tcsh, and sh-style choices like bash. In addition to the two shell, there is ksh, zsh and other shell available. If the two shell no preference, you can choose bash, it is a GNU software, powerful than the standard multi-sh.
Use two more enhanced shell, users can use the shell command-line editing. According to different habits, you can choose vi or emacs-style editing style means the default is emacs mode, this way, use the arrow keys to go back over the order execution, and modify the letter of the command to use vi style editing keys , such as using h, j, k, l four keys to move the cursor, vi-style benefit is not used outside of basic keyboard controls, which can be applied to any terminal equipment, and edit basic keyboard without having to leave when the hand , after proficiency in the most efficient. emacs style is more suitable than the vi style shift from the personal computer habits of Unix users. bash, ksh, zsh use the following command in emacs and vi style switch style:
bash $ set-o emacs
bash $ set-o vi
tcsh use different commands:
% Bind emacs
% Bind vi
Frequently used commands can also set an alias to simplify user input, such as:
bash $ alias ec = "echo This is a alias"
bash $ ec
This is a alias
shell for another user's ability to operate auto-complete command or file name of the function, as FreeBSD, the file name may be long, will they all input much trouble. In fact you can enter part of the name, then press the Tab key (vi style in the press under the Esc key twice in a row), shell will automatically fill the remainder of the full file name. If you have already entered this part of the name can not determine the specific order or document, then the shell will be able to identify only part of make up, and then notify the user to enter the ring with clear and specific documents.
In fact even in the basic under sh or csh, you can also use the "*" and other special characters, use the pattern matching approach to simplify the input.
bash $ cd / usr / local
bash $ pwd
/ Usr / local
Most Unix programs are available in the pattern matching processing capacity, while the shell's pattern matching functions most commonly used. shell can use these special mode to configure multiple files, to simplify operations purposes. If you are familiar with Unix, must have the pattern matching.
When trying to bash when typing Chinese characters, in addition to the terminal property must be set to accept 8-bit characters other than (Executive stty pass8 command), also need to set the bash of the input and output conversion, you can logon script. Profile file includes the following settings:
bind''set convert-meta off''
bind''set meta-flag on''
bind''set output-meta on''

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Deloitte CEO responded that the first time Kelon matter is a "collusion"

In the recent public concern over the events of Kelon, a key parties - once assume the functions of the accounting firm Deloitte & Touche audit (Deloitte) What kind of role play? The results of their punishment in the SFC upcoming point in time, neither Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu CEO Craig Bartlett (WilliamG.Parrett) yesterday for the first time this has finally accepted the "First Financial Daily" and other media, small-scale interview.

Craig Bartlett will Kelon's wrongful act is defined as "collusion (Collusive fraud), in his view, Kelon incident is unfortunate events, Deloitte is in the herein victim; the same time, in the public view point as this question Deloitte audits the context of those, Craig Bartlett and Deloitte Asia Pacific CEO written promise (M an oj S in gh) In reply to this question indicated, Deloitte adopt the same practice in the global standards and audit methodology (Methodology) There is no question of lowering standards in China.

However, customer and market strategy Deloitte global managing partner of Limon (JerryLeamon) in an interview yesterday that, compared to Deloitte's "Global Standard", Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (China) seems to also "not reached" to resolve the current The question is "How fast" to meet this standard.

Craig Bartlett said that in 2004, Deloitte & Touche in the audit to Kelon, we found that Kelon in the income of a provision for sales returns and extraction in areas such as major problems, and therefore issue a "reservation" to resign after the audit office. Craig Bartlett will resign evaluation of this act, "was the right decision."

Craig Bartlett believes that a good corporate governance requires checks and balances (Checkandbalance), but when this mechanism is missing, shareholders, regulators and accounting firms are likely to be the cheating. When the internal and external conspiracy, the accounting firm was to increase the possibility of cheating. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu for the public, "dereliction of duty" and Interrogation, Craig Bartlett argues, one can not expect a thorough accounting firms, "preventive measures", an accounting firm can reduce the amount of fraud, but can not eliminate fraud.

Another accounting firm KPMG (KPMG) of the survey results, October 1, 2001 to July 31, 2005, there is abnormal Kelon major cash flow problem, but Deloitte and Touche in 2002 and 2004 reservations issued none of which had major cash flow problem. When asked to determine whether the Deloitte and KPMG is inconsistent, Craig Bartlett said, "can not be very different."

The following is a "First Financial Daily" in an exclusive interview.

"First Financial Daily": Recently, the auditing profession's "bad news" constantly on the Deloitte & Touche, the Chinese in the United Kingdom, in Japan, negative events have taken place; similar bad news not only from Deloitte, other "big four" also ranks in the list of bad news. Appears to the public's confidence in this industry is facing problems, as the industry leader, do you think how to restore public confidence in the audit profession?

Craig Bartlett: In the past 5 to 10 years, as new technology and the rapid development of communication technologies, but also because of the deregulation of the global audit industry uses a lot of new technology, enhanced communication, from the perspective of accounting standards and many speaking, have made great progress. But the media seems more concerned about the small number of issues arise, while almost ignoring the progress made in these industries.

"First Financial Daily": the Commission on the punishment results Kelon upcoming events, ie, whether Deloitte will soon uncover the truth be punished, this what you expected?

Craig Bartlett: I believe that the Commission will carefully consider all the facts, relying on independent and reliable evidence to make the right judgments. Deloitte (China) are holding a very cooperative attitude, hoping to minimize China's fraud and fraud.

"First Financial Daily": You just mentioned that accounting firms often take time to discover the existence of his own service company engaged in corrupt conduct. In your opinion, Deloitte will take two years to discover the existence of fraud Kelon, two years is not too long?

Craig Bartlett: If time permits, I will take a long time to explain how to find a corporate fraud, this is a very complex process. Case shows, some companies may take up to 10 years of corrupt conduct or even decades.

"First Financial Daily": Deloitte worldwide experience in such cases there?

Craig Bartlett: a textbook on accounting and auditing, there are many such cases, up to 10 years in time, the company engaged in corrupt conduct. The total number of fraud involved in more outside people involved in fraud more difficult to detect fraud will be greater.

"First Financial Daily": In your opinion, Kelon event will Deloitte (China) produce what kind of impact (Impact)? Will this affect China's strategy for Deloitte?

Craig Bartlett: While some companies fraud, but fortunately, as opposed to a large number of companies, fraud or a few cases, some economies have also maintained good growth. China's regulators and the SASAC and other departments of the enterprises have high expectations of conduct. We believe that under Chinese law and related practices, Kelon event will get a fair deal. We also believe that regulators approved the discovery of corporate fraud aspects of Deloitte's efforts.

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ISV tomorrow where?



鏀寔杩欑璁虹偣鐨勮鎹富瑕佹湁涓や釜銆傜涓?釜涔熸槸鏈?噸瑕佺殑涓?釜锛屽嵆鐢ㄦ埛搴旂敤杞欢鐨勬ā寮忔鍦ㄥ彂鐢熷彉鍖栥?鐢ㄦ埛姝d粠鍚戣蒋浠舵彁渚涘晢璐拱杞欢杞彉鍚戣蒋浠舵湇鍔¤繍钀ュ晢璐拱鏈嶅姟銆備互鍓嶄笟鐣屼竴鐩存墍鎺㈣鐨勶紝鈥滆蒋浠跺氨鏄湇鍔♀?锛屽湪Internet鏅強鐨勫ぇ鑳屾櫙涓嬶紝姝e彉寰楄秺鏉ヨ秺鐜板疄銆傚湪杩欐牱鐨勪骇涓氱幆澧冧笅锛岃蒋浠舵湇鍔¤繍钀ュ晢灏嗘湁鏈轰細鍋氬ぇ鍋氬己锛岄?灏卞嚑涓?0浜跨編鍏冪骇鐨勪笘鐣岀骇鍏徃;鑰岀函绮圭殑杞欢鎻愪緵鍟嗗垯鐢熷瓨绌洪棿鍙樺皬锛屽緢闅惧儚浠ュ墠涓?牱浜х敓涓栫晫宸ㄥご銆?br />
绗簩涓鎹槸锛岀洰鍓嶇殑杞欢浜т笟宸茶繘鍏ヤ骇涓氭暣鍚堢殑骞翠唬銆備粠鍏ㄧ悆鑼冨洿鏉ョ湅锛岃繖绉嶆暣鍚堝凡涓嶅眬闄愪簬鍚岀被浜у搧涔嬮棿鐨勬í鍚戞暣鍚堬紝渚嬪鐢查鏂囨敹璐璓eoplesoft绛夛紝鑰屼笖绾靛悜鏁村悎鍔涘害涔熻秺鏉ヨ秺澶с?寰蒋銆佺敳楠ㄦ枃銆両BM 绛夎蒋浠跺法澶磋秺鏉ヨ秺鍊惧悜浜庡悜鐢ㄦ埛鎻愪緵鍖呮嫭鎿嶄綔绯荤粺銆佹暟鎹簱銆佷腑闂翠欢锛岀敋鑷冲簲鐢ㄨ蒋浠剁瓑鍦ㄥ唴鐨勫畬鏁磋В鍐虫柟妗堛?杩欑鏁村悎鐨勮秼鍔匡紝浣垮浗鍐呯殑浼犵粺杞欢鍏徃寰堥毦鏈夋満浼氬啀寮傚啗绐佽捣銆傚嵆浣跨獊璧凤紝涔熷緢闅鹃伩鍏嶈鏀惰喘銆?br />

2005骞达紝涓浗缁忔祹鍑虹幇骞崇ǔ澧為暱鐨勮秼鍔裤?鍗充娇濡傛锛岃蒋浠朵笟杩樺湪浠?0%鐨勯?搴﹀湪澧為暱锛屽叏涓栫晫閮界湅濂戒腑鍥姐?浣嗙幆澧冩瘯绔熸槸鐜锛屽浜庝紒涓氭潵璇达紝鍒╂鼎鎵嶆槸纭亾鐞嗭紝涓氱哗鐨勯珮澧為暱骞朵笉鑳藉叏閮ㄧ悊瑙d负涔愯鐨勪俊鍙枫?浼佷笟浠兘椤剧潃璺戦┈鍦堝湴锛岃禋浜嗗悕澹拌禋浜嗗競鍦猴紝浣嗗氨鏄笉鎸i挶銆?br />

杩戜袱骞存潵锛屽璧勮蒋浠跺叕鍙稿湪涓浗鐨勫姩浣滃姞澶с?璇稿寰蒋銆丼AP绛夎法鍥戒紒涓氫篃浠庡紑濮嬫椂鐨勮瘯姘撮樁娈碉紝閫愭杩涘叆澶ц妯℃姇璧勯樁娈碉紝閫氳繃鍚勭褰㈠紡杩涘叆涓浗甯傚満銆?003骞村簳寮?锛屽井杞厛鍚庝笌涓蒋銆佺宸炴暟鐮併?鍒涙櫤銆佹氮娼瓑绛剧害缁撶洘锛岃?铻嶅悎鐨勬蹇典笉鍙槸鎶?湳璺嚎鐨勮瀺鍚堬紝杩樻湁鏂囧寲銆佹湇鍔″拰鍝佺墝銆?br />


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Cucusoft DVD to iPod Converter vers

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CollSoft DVD to iPod Converter

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